Is It Time To Call?Worried something isn't right with your system? If you experience any of the below, it may be time to call.

Is it time to call for preventative maintenance?

Below are symptoms you may be experiencing which may require your AC and heating system to be serviced:

  • Your Air Conditioner Runs Too Long
  • Your Air Conditioner Runs All the Time
  • Your Utility Bills Seem High
  • The Indoor Humidity is Just As High or Higher than the Outdoor Humidity
  • Some Rooms are Hot while Other Rooms are Cool
  • Your House Never Seems to be Comfortably Cool Enough
  • You’ve had Refrigerant Added More than Once in the Past 5 Years
  • There is Too Little Air Flow from the Floor or Ceiling Registers
  • Extremely Cold Air is Blowing from the Registers
  • The Air Conditioner Keeps Shutting Off When the House is Hot.
  • The Air Conditioner Has Not Been Serviced For More Than Two Years.
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