HVAC Efficiency

Updates To Energy Code

Have you heard about the new Energy Codes that took place September 1st 2016? Mr.Chill is IECC 2015 Compliant!

Here are a few of the majors changes that took effect September 1st.

1. Did you know that the new Code requires all thermostats changed out to be “Programmable” thermostats.
2. Did you know that a Manual J Heat Load must be performed on your house if we are replacing the air condition system.
3. Did you know that all duct work replaced must be R-8 duct unless it’s inside the conditioned space, then it can be R-6.
4. Did you know that after replacing your duct system, it needs to be tested by a 3rd party company to determine the amount of leakage in the duct system and must meet specific standards to pass. This is called a Duct blaster test.

There are more requirements in the new Energy Code and if you have any questions you can call 832-698-4262 for more information.
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Home Air Conditioning Performance Testing - $299

This is for anyone who had on going problems with their a/c system during the summer and those problems are still there. Also compliant with the new Energy Codes.


• Manual J heat load to determine exact size of you’re a/c and heat system needed if you are considering upgrading soon.

• Duct Leakage test to determine if your duct system is up to par. The national average for duct leakage is around 25%. We can bring that percentage down to less than 5% leakage in most cases.

• Static pressure test to determine if your duct system is designed correctly. We find that most homes duct systems are poorly designed or have more duct than the system can handle. We can re-design the duct system so that each room has the correct amount of air coming to it for proper cooling throughout. Eliminate hot spots in certain rooms and balance the system using a flow hood. We are one of the few companies that can properly correct houses with these problems.

• We also have an Infrared Camera to check insulation voids in attic and walls when “Hot Spots” exist.

• Our goal is to save you money on your electrical cost, extend the life of your system, and make you as comfortable as possible.